dart Unlike large corporations I actually pay taxes, and thanks to Bush and Obama, we now have a debt that’s four times larger than when our last competent president, Bill Clinton, left office 13 years ago.

If we’re going to fix this mess we need to start thinking outside the box, and I have a solution to cut costs and increase revenues. We need to start charging people to hunt illegal immigrants for sport.

America has vast and barely defended borders, and every year millions of men, women and children cross them and make a beeline for the nearest welfare office. We could stop that overnight if we simply found the courage and political will to establish illegal immigrant safaris.

Thanks to those bleeding heart liberals you wouldn’t be able to use live ammunition, but tranquilizer guns are pretty powerful and accurate now, and this would still be a lot of fun.

If we got our asses in gear we could even have this up and running by Christmas, and I can think of no present I want more than a gift certificate that would allow me to hunt other humans.  I might even strap one on my hood and take a picture like they did in the good old days.