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badspock Well, not my phone calls since I had my phone in my pocket when I drunkenly tipped my canoe into the Rappahannock River yesterday. But if you have a phone that works, it seems Edward Snowden was telling the truth, and the government has decided they can listen to your calls or record them without getting one of those pesky warrants.

Representative Jerrold Nadler, a Democrat from New York, disclosed that during a secret briefing to Congress he was told that analysts can decide to listen to anyone’s phone calls and no other legal authorization is required.

There is speculation the Department of Justice has secretly interpreted federal law to allow these low-level employees to conduct warrantless wiretaps, and that blows my mind.

Our federal government is incompetent on virtually every level, can’t balance the budget, fix the economy or our healthcare system, but I’m supposed to forego my privacy rights and just assume they won’t misuse the information.

Of course they’re going to misuse it. You’ve already seen the government targeting Conservative groups by sicking the IRS on them. What’s next?

If you bad-mouth the president on a phone call are you magically going to get audited? Once the government controls healthcare will they use health access to punish dissenters?

Laugh all you want, but William Binney, the former NSA technical director, has already admitted the government is recording all calls for people on their watch list, and that list comprises anywhere from half a million to over a million people.

We’re at the point where the government is building secret dossiers on every citizen, and if you run afoul of them, they will dip into that data warehouse to destroy you.