Pudding It seems that lazy Spaniards do more than just sleep 13 hours a day because a host of new studies found they are the most unfaithful in Europe and the Spanish mattress company Durmet plans to capitalize on that.

The company developed the world’s first infidelity-detecting mattress, available at http://www.smarttress.com/, and it uses 24 sensors to detect any “suspicious” activity that is then reported to the owner’s phone.

I don’t want to be a kill-joy here, but chances are your girl isn’t bringing the guy home to bang. She is probably looking for a thrill and is more likely to do it in the back corner of a Burger King parking lot than in your super-secret little spy bed.

And if she does bring him home, I doubt they’re making it past that inviting couch, or even that inviting floor. But, where is the one place all people go after having sex? That’s right, the bathroom.

Instead of some stupid hump-detector in your mattress you should really be investing in some webcams and mini-cameras for your bathroom. And those three minutes of your sexy sister-in-law putting on her swimsuit are just going to be a bonus.

But, if you don’t trust your wife, and you’re too good to illegally videotape your smoking-hot sister-in-law putting on that white bathing suit that really showed off her rack, get a private investigator’s license.

In Virginia, you just have to take a 60-hour class, and poof, you’re certified. And while the class isn’t cheap, look at it like I did. In a little over a week’s time you can basically become a legal stalker, and you can’t put a price on that.