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Last week France urged the rest of Europe to agree to new sanctions on Iran, embargo Iranian oil exports and freeze Iranian central bank assets. This comes close on the heels of France leading the charge that convinced NATO to aid the new terrorists who took over Libya last fall.

The problem with France is that she is unreliable. She may stomp her feet and call for war one minute, but as soon as things get tough, she will abandon the fight. On a good day, France is a second-rate power. She lost to the British in North America, the Caribbean and India, the Dutch in the East Indies, the Germans in Europe and the Arabs in North Africa.

This country gets all hysterical and emotional, but she doesn’t have the stomach for a protracted conflict. Instead of trying to be one of the big boys, she needs to sit down and settle down. If we need you, we’ll let you know. Until that time, how about you go buy a new dress and pretty yourself up. You never know when a real country might want to show you a good time.