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The presidential election is still a little under ten months away, and I’m already sick and goddamn tired of it. It seems like we have a never-ending election cycle. As soon as someone wins, everyone starts focusing on the next election.

I think we can all agree that George W. Bush and Barack Obama have been terrible presidents. Then again, there was absolutely nothing in their backgrounds to suggest they’d be anything other than terrible. George W. Bush was clearly a moron, and Obama is a clueless liberal with more good will than good sense.

After this election I think we as a nation should agree that this is it. Never again will we have to suffer through three years of lying politicians all jockeying for the top spot. I propose we create a Survivor-style competition, and we drop the top 10 front-runners from each major party on a deserted island a few months before the election.

We’ll put them through a series of physical and mental challenges, and when it’s down to two, America will conduct a vote by phone to pick the winner.

Don’t even pretend like this isn’t a good idea.