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A national Rasmussen poll just found that 56% of Americans support legalizing marijuana. With a tight election looming in November, I’m starting to wonder if Obama should just go ahead and legalize pot to give himself an edge.

Technically, he can’t make it fully legal, but he can do something that’s even better for him. He can tell federal agencies to stop enforcing the law. Currently, seventeen states and DC permit marijuana, and with a single phone call it would be de facto legalized in them.

If potheads in those states want to continue enjoying their sweet, sweet reefer after election day, they will have to reelect him. Otherwise, Mormon Mitt Romney will swoop in and ruin everyone’s fun.

And, if you live in a state that doesn’t permit marijuana use, I’m guessing you would see a vote on it within the next year.

It’s notoriously hard to get slackers to vote, but this is one issue that may actually get them off the futon in the parents’ basement to cast their ballot. And, for those polling places located near fast-food restaurants, I would expect a huge turnout.

Just in case this Rasmussen poll was wrong, and public support proves to be lacking, Obama should make a trial run by having Joe Biden smoke a joint on tv. If there’s a popular uproar, he can just blame the whole thing on Crazy Joe. And, if Biden gets arrested and has to be dropped from the ticket, I’m sure that wouldn’t exactly break anyone’s heart.