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Joe Arpaio, the media-seeking sheriff of Maricopa County, AZ, was formerly known as “America’s Toughest Sheriff” because he housed inmates in tents, fed them cheap food and stripped them of all but the essentials. Six or seven years ago he started to focus on illegal immigration, and I’m not sure if he was making a sincere attempt to enforce the law or if he just wanted more publicity since his old shtick was wearing thin.

Whatever the case, the leftist major media outlets turned on him overnight, and once Obama took office, Arpaio became fair game for U.S government thugs. The Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division opened an investigation of alleged racial profiling and Homeland Security used that investigation to justify stripping his department of the federal authority to stop and detain illegal immigrants.

Never being one to go on the defensive, Arpaio held a news conference Thursday to discuss the results of an investigation by volunteer investigators that cast doubt on whether Obama’s birth certificate and Selective Service registration card were legitimate. I watched most of the press conference, and they made a good case, but it’s probably pointless. Only die-hard conservatives are really listening, and they’ll never vote for Obama anyway.

You do have to admire this guy’s balls, though. He is getting attacked from all sides, and never once did he think of backing down or softening his stance. That’s one thing I admire about the old Guineas. So long as they’re not serving in the Italian army, they don’t give up without a fight.