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The Obama reelection campaign unveiled a bold new strategy recently with the “Obama Event Registry.” Instead of getting gifts for your birthday, anniversary, bar mitzvah or wedding, you can register with this site and have people contribute money directly to the campaign on your behalf.

In a way, this isn’t as crazy as it sounds. I know when I got married, I got a ton of stupid gifts that sat in my closet unused until my house burned down. The only one I really even remember was the voodoo doll someone made of me that had about 50 pins stuck in the crotch.

Not surprisingly, there was no name on that gift, but it was obvious it was handmade and someone had spent a frighteningly long time crafting it. The only clue to its maker was that the doll reeked of cheap bourbon and cigarettes, but that just meant it could have been made by half my wife’s family and all of my ex-girlfriends.

If the Obama campaign really wants to think outside of the box and raise big money, they need to embrace the one thing the Internet is all about, sex. They should ask for amateur nude pictures and videos of hot Obama supporters and create a reelection porn site.

They could name it something clever like www.mypollisrising.com and charge people $25 for a membership. If that site didn’t pull in $10 million in the first month, I’d be amazed.