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fat I just tried to log into healthcare.gov for the tenth time to price out a health plan for my family, and the site is still a complete train-wreck.

For some reason you have to create an account before you can shop for a product which is annoying enough, but that becomes unbearable when you can’t even create an account in the first place.

In a way this jumble of bad code is the technological equivalent of any random government employee. It’s overpriced and incapable of doing its job, but you can’t get rid of it for political reasons.

I do wonder how the NSA can build systems capable of reading and storing the emails of every goddamned person on the planet, but HHS can’t build an exchange between a few hundred insurance companies.

Maybe the government just isn’t motivated enough to make this work, but I have a solution.

They need to turn the project over to the intelligence services. They already seem to think everyone in the country is a potential spy/terrorist, and if they controlled HealthCare.gov, they could keep better track of all of us by having full and unfettered access to our medical records.

I’d even hazard a guess they could have a working system up in a few weeks.