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A few thousand Ukrainian protesters have brought the country to its knees, and they didn’t do it by smoking weed and living in little tent cities. Nope, they did it by shooting cops and burning shit to the ground, and that’s how you get things done.

Don’t get me wrong; International Super-Villain George Soros, and various other Western-backed groups, have funneled billions into the country to destabilize it in their quest to gain control, but as usual it was men with guns who did the dirty work.

Sure it’s probably in vain because Russia can’t tolerate a U.S.-controlled puppet state in its back yard, but the blueprint is clear, and the U.S. has all but sanctioned it.

If armed rebels pay lip service to democracy and promise hope and change, they have a legitimate right to topple a duly elected government with armed force.

So listen up hippies. Those bankers and evil corporations are never going to willingly relinquish control, and you need to trade in your flower power for some fire power. Go buy some guns and take to the streets.

I’m sure the government will be just as supportive of you as they’ve been with the groups fighting for “freedom” in Ukraine, North Africa and the Middle East. And I’ll just bet they’ll support your right to depose a corrupt regime.

And even if I’m wrong, I’ll still probably get to realize my life-long dream of seeing a hippy burned alive with a flame thrower, so I’m pretty excited about that.