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Thanks to our worthless politicians, American manufacturing has taken a beating in the last 40 years, and our once-thriving meth industry is no exception.

In 2005 Congress passed the Combat Methamphetamine Epidemic Act which mandated that the main ingredients used to make meth, ephedrine and pseudoephedrine, be kept under lock and key in all stores. Buyers were also required to register at the store counter in order to purchase them.

This put American meth makers at a steep competitive disadvantage to the Mexican cartels who swept in and began to dominate the market. Now, nearly 90% of the meth sold in the U.S. is brought into this country from Mexico.

Many Mexican cartels have switched to the old phenyl-2-propanone, or P2P, method to make meth. This doesn’t use ephedrine or pseudoephedrine but makes a far crappier and less potent drug. However, cartels can import the raw materials directly from China and produce tons of the drug very cheaply.

Don’t our junkies and meth whores deserve better than this? They shouldn’t be forced to sit in their filthy trailers smoking and slamming an inferior product. They should be able to get the best product that their disability checks can buy. The U.S. government needs to repeal the Combat Methamphetamine Epidemic Act so our drug cooks can go back to making the finest crystal meth in the world.

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