RUSSIA-CHINA-DIPLOMACY-ECONOMY Citing illegal drone attacks, continued U.S. support of Al-Qaeda linked terrorists in Syria and North Africa and a host of other non-sanctioned military operations, Russian president Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping announced today they are considering a broad array of sanctions against the U.S. regime.

While their exact plan was short of specifics, both men raised the possibility of asking other world leaders to freeze U.S. owned assets and to halt the sale of any military-related hardware to the country.

Xi Jinping and Putin also expressed concern that the U.S. has not been militarily threatened by any of the dozens of countries it has attacked over the last 60 years, raising the possibility that U.S. aggression may be considered as crimes against peace.

According to international law, this would subject past presidents, and even members of Congress, to an international war crimes tribunal.

As of this time, no timetable for action has been announced, but the U.S. stock market and the U.S. dollar have both fallen sharply in anticipation of subsequent announcements.