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I accidentally went to CNN this morning because I woke up still drunk and disoriented and thought it was 2002. As my head slowly cleared, but before I could go somewhere better, an article caught my eye. It read, “Romney loses the black vote.”

I didn’t actually read it, but I assume it was referring to Romney’s speech Wednesday to the NAACP convention in Houston. During the 25-minute address the crowd went Showtime at the Apollo on him, and Romney was booed repeatedly. At one point I actually expected Sandman Sims to come out and pull him off the stage with a hook, but he was allowed to finish.

People are acting like this speech hurt Romney with blacks, but it’s not like they were going to vote for him anyway. If anything, that article was probably right in that it cost him the black vote. He failed to reach that one, single, solitary black voter who was still considering him as a candidate.

According to legend, there was a black guy in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn who still hadn’t made up his mind on whether he was going to vote for Obama this November. Unfortunately for Romney, this speech cost him that vote.

Some are speculating that Romney actually wanted to get booed, and the only reason he gave that speech was to bolster his credentials with the right-wing of his party. I think that idea is nonsense, and since it’s being advanced by both Nancy Pelosi and that shrill cow, Rachel Maddow, you know it’s bound to be wrong.