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Way to go government. You may not be able to fix the economy, win a war or control our borders, but surely you can succeed in your witch-hunt against Roger Clemens. After all, you probably learned so much from your mistakes when you tried him the last time and ended up with a mistrial. This time will definitely be different.

Yup. Pretty different. You failed utterly and completely and jurors found him not guilty of all six counts of perjury, false statements and obstruction of Congress. The best part is that thanks to double jeopardy, you can finally move on and stop wasting millions of dollars on this bullshit case.

The government has dedicated a team of lawyers to this fiasco, and they’ve spent years on a failed prosecution of this guy. They’ve justified this huge waste of money and time by claiming the very integrity of Congress was at stake, and the institution of government would not tolerate someone telling it lies.

Are you kidding me? Politicians lie to me all the time. They justify wars with manufactured evidence and use insider information to get rich while our economy crumbles. Each party deliberately misrepresents evidence to advance their agenda, and you want me to care that some pumpkin-headed ex-jock violated the integrity of your corrupt cartel.

I assume you’re guilty Clemens, but I’m glad you won. I hope you run for Congress in the next election, document the rampant lies and fraud and demand DOJ prosecute the politicians. It would be good payback.