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O.J. Simpson is currently serving a 33-year sentence in Lovelock Correctional Center for multiple felonies, including armed robbery and kidnapping. Before he was incarcerated, we were able to sit down with “The Juice,” and we were blown away by his candor and common-sense advice. His take on relationships was not only refreshing, but we feel it could help the millions of men currently dealing with difficult spouses or girlfriends.

Lesson 1, Make Your Point Clearly. “Women love to talk, and it’s sometimes hard to get in a word edgewise. Don’t be afraid to choke them to get them to quiet down.”

Lesson 2, You’ve Got To Listen. “By that I mean you should always keep an ear tuned for police sirens or the tell-tale bark of a K-9 unit. You can also get a police scanner at Radio Shack. Those things are life savers.”

Lesson 3, Be Persistent. “Your restraining order may say no, no, but O.J. says yes, yes.”

Lesson 4, Don’t Be Afraid To Cut The Cord. “A relationship is like a baby. You have to nurture it and allow it to grow, but at the end, a cord has to be cut. It may be an umbilical cord, or a vocal cord. Either way, something is getting slashed.”