I wrote a book in 1998 about the coming break-up of America, and some of it almost seems prophetic now. The main story took place in 2030, and in the years leading up to the book the U.S. economy tanks, and as we lost economic and political clout, we started a series of military conflicts to accomplish what we no longer could with diplomacy. We eventually intervened in Mexico at the behest of the Mexican government, and that proved to be our undoing.

Ordinary Mexicans became upset at the loss of their nation’s sovereignty and rebelled. The uprising spread from Mexico directly into U.S. territory and the U.S. government was unsure how to react. Democrats and Republicans declared a one-year cooling off period, but that only made matters worse. Blacks now found themselves primarily in cities controlled by Hispanics, and after a few months, a confusing civil war started to rage.

Publishers were leery of a book with a three-sided race war as its central plot and it was rejected out of hand. With that in mind, I’m starting to write a new book, and it’s tentatively titled The Screwnabomber.

In the book mild-mannered Mike Codajoy is laid off from his job at the dildo factory and decides to strike back at the politicians and business leaders he blames for his fate. He mails explosive-filled sex toys to hundreds of them, and the book deals with the nationwide manhunt as the government attempts to capture him.

You publishers just let me know when you want to start the bidding war.