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I bleed burgundy and gold, and I was a little surprised to hear the Washington Redskins are moving their preseason training camp to Richmond, VA starting next summer.

Was Newark unavailable? Did the Skins want a place that resembles Southeast DC but without the nice areas to the north and west? I can think of a lot of places I’d like to go to watch training camp, but Richmond isn’t one of them.

The first problem is the city is a shithole. I was born there, and I clearly remember popping out of my mom’s cooch, looking out the window and being instantly depressed by the run-down ghetto-scape. I believe I tried to claw my way back into the vagina, but my lack of motor skills just resulted in a wild failing motion.

Richmond isn’t as dangerous as when it was a murder capital during the 90s, but it still isn’t a place for tourists. You really shouldn’t go east of I-95 at all unless you’re buying drugs, and even then, I’d advise against it.

The Skins should have moved their training camp down to Quantico. They already have some athletic facilities there, and they could let the Marines give them a few lessons in teamwork and discipline. And, if Rex Grossman just so happened to get killed in a friendly-fire training accident, well we’d just have to live with that.