santa Christmas time is just around the corner, and atheists from Chula Vista to Caroline County are gearing up to wage their annual war against Christmas carols and courthouse Nativity scenes.

It has always seemed strange to me that these same left-wing nuts will piss their pants if they see a plastic baby Jesus within a hundred yards of government property, but they have no problem with images of Santa being plastered everywhere.

As I understand it, and my knowledge of Church doctrine is a little shaky, Santa is based on a real-life Saint, Nicholas.

He was born in Asia Minor, and he had a soft-spot for midgets, or elves as they were then called, and children. Eventually the Turks drove him from his native land, and he and his huge family of little people were forced to flee to the far north.

They eventually settled at the North Pole and to thank God for seeing them safely to their new home, they deliver toys to good boys and girls to celebrate the day of Christ’s birth.

I guess the only knock on old Saint Nick is that he is a little bit of an anti-Semite, and for hundreds of years he has steadfastly refused to soften his “no gifts to Jews” policy. But, in these politically correct times you do have to respect his commitment to his principles.