People like to describe things as Orwellian because they’re morons and don’t really understand the term, but in this case, the comparison might be appropriate. It seems book publishers are hiring super liberals to read manuscripts and remove any racist, sexist or otherwise offensive content.

These readers primarily focus on young adult fiction because kids are so easily triggered, but even newspapers are firing staff members who don’t toe the PC line.

Alan Linda, a columnist with the Fergus Falls Daily Journal in Minnesota was recently fired after he wrote an article bitching about sitting next to a fat ass on an airplane. In an editorial the newspaper justified his dismissal by saying Linda’s column not only offended many readers, “but also offended us.”

Not to inject a little reality here, but do you know who else says being fat is a bad thing? Your fucking doctor, that’s who.

Obesity is the number one cause of preventable health problems in America and that’s why every week I stand naked in front of a full-length mirror and berate myself for becoming a 220-pound wad of jiggling whale cum.

This week Other-me was particularly brutal and roughly pulled my man tits in a grotesque pantomime of milking a cow, but that was just the kind of tough love I needed to really hit the gym this week.

And that’s part of the problem with society. We have got to stop catering to that percentage of the population that can never be satisfied. They’re just going to whine, piss and moan no matter what, so just tell them to go fuck themselves and be done with it.