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Long Dong SilverLong Dong Silver exploded onto the porn scene in the late 1970s making a number of videos, and his claim to fame was an eighteen-inch penis. Then much like a rainbow or a shooting star, he vanished almost as quickly as he appeared.

Long Dong received a bit of notoriety in the early 90s when during the Supreme Court confirmation hearings of Clarence Thomas it was alleged that Clarence compared himself to Long Dong when hitting on Anita Hill. Being a probable lesbian, Ms. Hill resisted Clarence’s charms, and she then tattled to anyone who would listen about what he said.

Luckily, no one took women seriously back then, and Mr. Thomas was confirmed. He is now allowed to bring a porn-friendly outlook to the bench, and according to some sources I just fabricated, has banged more than just his gavel in tense closed-door sessions.

I had all but forgotten about Long Dong when I stumbled on an old interview this morning with the photographer Jay Myrdal. Mr. Myrdal claims that Long Dong’s famous dong was actually a latex prosthetic. At first I was shocked, but then I realized that Long Dong and Mr. Myrdal weren’t frauds; they were pioneers

In a world of easy porn Photoshops and CGI it’s easy to forget those brave trendsetters who blazed the path. Slaving over a workbench, painstakingly building fake penises, these men could only have dreamed of doing the same thing with a few keystrokes in a sophisticated editing program.

God bless you Jay and Long Dong. We can only see so far because we’ve stood on the shoulders of giants.