gascap Human queef John Oliver used the most recent episode of his HBO show “Last Week Tonight” to attack predatory auto lending. Specifically, he went after the industry’s practice of abducting people and subjecting them to savage beatings that only stop after they buy one of their cars at a high interest rate.

Wait? What? That’s not what they do? It seems auto lenders advertise a product, allow customers to test-drive that product, arrange financing on-site, present payment options to consumers and then allow them to decide whether they want the product for that price and interest rate.

How terrible.

John Oliver epitomizes everything that is wrong with America, and his endless campaign for an over-arching nanny state where everyone would be protected from every stupid decision only ends one way. You wind up with a repressive police state that regulates and controls every facet of your existence.

Banks set different interest rates because it’s all based on how big of a fuck-up you are. If you buy stuff and then pay for it during the agreed-upon timeframe, you’re not a fuck-up and get a good rate. If you are a fuck-up, the bank knows there’s a good chance you won’t pay off your debt, so you get a higher rate so they’ll get more of their money back sooner.

And not to get off topic here, but I used to sell cars, and if you want the best deal, don’t go into the dealership and talk to some sleazebag salesman. Go through the dealership’s Internet department at the end of the month. That’s how dealerships keep up their volume, and it’s how you get the very best deal.

Much like the Holocaust, female orgasm, and multicultural harmony, predatory lending is just another silly liberal myth.