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harry-reid Last week Senator Harry Reid took a break from taking illegal campaign contributions and influence peddling to accuse supporters of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy of being domestic terrorists.

Bundy is battling the Bureau of Land Management over grazing fees, and while Reid was untroubled by this obscure federal agency having its own heavily armed paramilitary SWAT teams, he was fuming that the federal thugs were temporarily prevented from seizing Bundy’s cattle and putting him out of business.

But Reid should just be patient. The government always gets its man, and if you doubt it, just ask O.J. Simpson.

As Senator Reid was making the talk-show circuit pontificating about respect for the rule of law while conveniently forgetting to mention how the Obama Department of Justice just shielded him from yet another corruption probe, I thought how great it would be if politicians had to wear mobile lie detectors at all times.

I would also love to see one on White House Press Secretary Jay Carney.

If nothing else, it would be hilarious to see that thing start to smoke and melt down while he tried to explain how our incompetent attempt to force a coup in Ukraine blew up in our face so spectacularly that we may have set the wheels in motion for World War Three.