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Detective Captain Brent Mitchell Taylor of the Fredericksburg, Va police department was arrested two weeks ago for meeting an underage boy online and taking him to a Motel 6. The police won’t release what allegedly happened in the motel room, but Captain Taylor has been charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor and placed on administrative leave.

Must be nice. If you’re a cop in Fredericksburg, Va you can pick up a child, take him from his home without permission, take him to a seedy motel and do something that contributed to his delinquency but you don’t even get fired. You get a paid vacation at taxpayers’ expense.

Fredericksburg has 39% more officers than the Virginia average and 23% more than the national average. I guess cracking down on noise complaints takes a lot of people, but they’re not doing so great at fighting crime. According to www.usa.com, my fair city has a crime index about 88% higher than the state average.

I guess our criminals just aren’t young enough and pretty enough to get noticed by the San Francisco Fredericksburg PD.