ken As a general rule, I don’t look down on freaks, weirdos and assorted sexual deviants. I say live and let live and what you do in your own bedroom is between you and God, and after you die he can punish all of you sodomites with divine retribution – Praise Allah.

After all, who among us hasn’t spent days going down a dark and dangerous porn path? One minute you’re coasting through grannies, midgets and farm animals only to eventually end up checking out chicks with dicks.

Maybe you left it at that. Maybe you sold everything you owned, flew to Southeast Asia and delighted in a week-long binge of Thai lady boys and opium at an excellent small hotel in Chiang Mai that you really should review on Trip Advisor.

Whatever the case, you have to live your life, but damn it, Planet Fitness has gone too far.

A few weeks ago their gym in Midland, Michigan revoked a woman’s membership because she complained that a dude who still has a dick but identifies as a woman was using the women’s’ changing room. It seems that Planet Fitness has the policy that “whatever gender you think you are, that’s the locker room you’re allowed to go in.”

Most sane people would say that’s moronic because men are disgusting and demented animals, and it is important that we be kept from women in a partially nude state at almost all times.

That’s why I’ve started drawing little dicks and vaginas on all the gender symbols on bathrooms, changing rooms and other gender specific areas.

In case you’re confused, all you have to do is look down your pants or dress and match your hardware to the sign. It couldn’t be any simpler.