I know he's not Chinese, but crose enough.

I know he’s not Chinese, but crose enough.

Petco and its rival PetSmart have both decided to pull all Chinese-made dog and cat treats from their sites and stores after thousands of pets have been allegedly sickened and killed after eating them.

The U.S. FDA said its tests have not linked Chinese jerky and rawhide treats to any illnesses or deaths, but Petco and PetSmart know that their clientele of lonely middle-aged men and women don’t respond to reason, and this is a great PR move to convince them that these heartless corporations actually give a shit about their pampered cries for help pets.

Ironically, we’re still importing human food from China, which blows my mind. About six months ago I cooked a bag of Chinese-grown broccoli, and the smell it gave off was a pairing of sewage and burnt rubber. It was so bad that even my cheap ass vowed to spend the extra twenty cents for the bag of Birds Eye in the future.

If you’ve ever read the book The Jungle by Upton Sinclair, that’s how I imagine the modern Chinese food processing industry. There’s virtually no quality control, everything is adulterated in some form, and low profit margins demand that production takes precedence over safety.

Keep in mind this is the same country that uses untreated human waste as a fertilizer, and if that isn’t bad enough, China doesn’t have any real environmental protections, so manufacturers routinely send industrial waste right down the drain.

That sewage that is used to grow crops is contaminated with everything from pathogens to pharmaceuticals and heavy metals which are picked by the plants and delivered to you.