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Can you believe it’s already been almost four years since our Beloved Leader was chosen? Things are so great now; can you even remember how bad they were under Bush? In the months before The Great One’s election the price of gas was through the roof. I remember paying almost $2.65 a gallon. Man that was expensive.

Thank God Obama’s green energy miracle has taken hold. It seems like ages ago that I actually paid those fat cats for my electricity. Now my power is generated for free by my new Solyandra solar tubes. The best part is I can type on my new Apple computer with a clear conscience knowing no fossil fuels were burned to power it.

And speaking of not needing fossil fuels, my new Volt is amazing. I can go to yoga, Whole Foods and back home without using any gas. All because of this amazing car that has taken the nation by storm.

I might even stop off at the formerly poor part of town to say hi to my new friends Keon and Janiqua. Now that Obama has ended racial conflict and bridged the races, I don’t have to worry about being assaulted because of the color of my skin. I can go to any inner-city and walk around like I was in my own neighborhood.

And don’t even get me started on neighborhoods. Do you remember how that idiot Bush just stood by why home prices dropped? Thank God Obama’s mastery of the economy stopped that free-fall. Now that unemployment is so low they can’t even build houses fast enough to meet demand.

What a great country. Thank you Obama. You’re the prescription for my Republican blues.