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Obama has been taking shots at the Supreme Court, so someone must have leaked information to him indicating they may rule against his half-assed healthcare program. I actually believe healthcare should be provided free to all citizens, but this current plan is such a joke, I’m not sure if losing it makes any difference to me one way or the other.

I had to take my four-month-old son to the ER last month because he was running a sky-high fever at night, and I finally got the bill last week. The grand total for my four-hour visit was $7,760. To put it another way, I was charged $32 a minute for my time there.

I’m no mathematician, but that seems a little goddamn extreme. For that price I could have gotten a thousand-dollar-a-night hooker every night for a week, and still had enough money left over for an Xbox, PlayStation and the Boz Scaggs five album box set.

I kept hearing how Obamacare was going to save me money, but the only changes implemented so far didn’t benefit me. Kids could stay on their mommy’s and daddy’s insurance until they’re 26. Gimps riddled with pre-existing conditions were guaranteed coverage. And if you’re a fossil slowly rotting and waiting for the sweet embrace of death, you got even more drug discounts.

I don’t want to sound heartless, but does it really make sense lavishing care on the elderly? The same goes for people chock-full of pre-existing conditions. Sure they’re both good for a few cheap laughs when you put Vaseline on their walkers or jam a pencil in their wheelchair bakes, but that’s not a lot to bring to the table.

A country is like a machine, and it’s fueled by able-bodied workers, not geezers and wheezers. We need to keep our workers healthy enough to work themselves into an early grave, and that’s why we need affordable healthcare.