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Danny Silly me. I thought the lawlessness south of the border was caused by a bloody competition between drug gangs for seemingly limitless profits. Little did I know that without American guns, Mexico would be a paradise for beaner and non-beaner alike.

Mexican drug cartels aren’t just gangsters, their quasi-military insurgents, and many control large sections of Mexican territory. They also have hardware far more dangerous than anything you can buy at a U.S. gun store.

Last year when Mexican Marines supposedly killed Zetas leader Heriberto Lazcano, he was allegedly found with an RPG-7. This old Soviet weapon is capable of downing helicopters and could peel your average SWAT vehicle open like a tin can.

The Mexican drug cartels are so rich they have access to the best weapons in the world, and they don’t need pea-shooters from your local Walmart. In addition to rockets, they have landmines, grenades and fully automatic machine guns.

Obama and the rest of the Democratic elite know that, but they’re so confident the leftist media will work as their PR department; they don’t even bother telling the truth anymore.

Mexico has incredibly strict gun laws, and the result is that their citizens were disarmed and criminals got a de facto monopoly on guns.  You see how well that’s working out for them.