Eva I have to imagine the waiting list to get into this facility is about to get a lot longer because according to recent allegations, the Chaseley nursing home in Eastbourne, Sussex has a policy that allows prostitutes to visit the geezers and gimps currently housed there.

There was even a special room reserved for the visits, and if you saw a red sock on the doorknob, you knew not to come knockin’ because the therapeutic bed was a rockin’.

The facility’s prior manager, Helena Barow, revealed the practice, and her reasoning seems pretty sound. The residents at the facility have no other outlets for their sexual needs, and if these needs aren’t met, they usually resorted to groping staff members.

Not ones to be swayed by basic logic or human nature, the East Sussex County Council promptly launched an urgent investigation into the possible “exploitation and abuse” of the residents at the facility.

Exploitation? Abuse? Are you idiots serious? You lock people up in these goddamned death camps, treat them like cattle and when a ray of sunshine in the form of what I hope was a big-titted sex worker comes into their lives, you want to take it away.

No government funds were used for these hookers, and if they could suppress their gag reflex long enough to go down on these walking corpses, I say more power to them.