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Fresh off its latest missile turned submarine test, North Korea has lobbed a number of threats at its neighbor to the south. My favorite was the one where they said they would reduce the South Korean capital to ashes by “unprecedented peculiar means and methods of our own style.”

Say what you will about those crazy little bastards, but no one crafts a line best uttered by a supervillain better than them.

North Korea has its panties in a bunch because South Korea’s leader, Lee Myung-Bak, mentioned last week that the estimated $850 million North Korea just wasted trying to launch a rocket could have been better spent. Specifically, it could have been used to buy 2.5 million tons of corn for its starving population.

Seeing as that statement made perfect sense, it enraged the North Koreans. As socialists, they despise reason and logic and have pledged themselves only to advocate policies doomed to fail.

The fact that North Korea has a new leader who suffered humiliation on the world stage immediately after taking office has led many to suspect the nuclear-armed North will attack the South in some way. It could be cyber-terrorism, actual terrorism, or a manufactured military clash on the border.

Then again, seeing as we’re talking about North Korea, they may just up and do something truly nuts. I envision a thousand men on hang-gliders made of bamboo and thatch launching kamikaze attacks against the South Korean navy. Yep, that sounds exactly crazy enough to be their plan.