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North Dakota residents voted this week to drop the University of North Dakota’s “Fighting Sioux” nickname. There’s been no word yet on whether Kansas voters will have to choose whether or not Bethany College can keep their “Terrible Swedes” moniker. Since the Swedes are white, they’re probably safe.

North Dakota voters finally bowed to the inevitable because the NCAA was threatening to sanction the university if the mascot wasn’t changed. The NCAA has been on a crusade to rid universities of Indian nicknames, which is a bit odd considering their $50 million headquarters is located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Maybe the NCAA can next threaten Indiana with sanctions to get them to change both their insensitive state name, and that of their capital.

Hypocrisy is nothing new to the NCAA, and their fictitious concern about mascots is only skin deep. They ignore teams like the “Fighting Irish” in their own backyard because they want to cloak themselves in the mantle of social and racial justice. Meanwhile, they viciously exploit student athletes, many of them minorities, and have them risk serious injury without pay so NCAA executives and university athletic officials can get rich off them.

The NCAA and university athletic programs make billions from unpaid labor, and all the while have the gall to act like they give a shit about doing what’s right. The organization is nothing but a corrupt cartel, and this push to change schools’ mascots is just a diversion. They want some good PR so people will ignore the fact that they’re really just a bunch of sleazy pimps devoted to making money.