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The Predator drone is an amazing piece of technology, and with a system price tag of $154,000,000 it better be. It can fly to an area 400 miles away, loiter over that area for the next 14 hours and then fly back to its base. It can carry two Hellfire missiles, and it also has advanced sensory equipment to allow it to read things as small as the time on your watch.

Considering this level of sophistication, I was a bit surprised when I read the government lets local police departments call them in for assistance. According to the Daily Mail, back in June a South Dakota sheriff arrested a man, Rodney Brossart, who did not report that three cows and their calves wandered onto his farm. When the sheriff came back with deputies to pick up the cows, he was met by the owner’s sons who told them to leave.

The Sheriff then did what any enterprising law enforcement officer would do. He called in reinforcements from the Highway Patrol, a regional SWAT team, a bomb squad, ambulances, deputy sheriffs from three other counties and even asked the Border Patrol if they would redirect one of the hunter-killer drones currently patrolling the Canadian border to aid him in his next arrest attempt.

I guess things get pretty boring when you’re the sheriff of a county of only 3,000 people, but lucky for him The Border Patrol was only too happy to spice things up. Without any of those pesky court orders that protect us from a Totalitarian state, they flew that killing machine to the Brossart farm to provide assistance.

I’m not an anti-government fanatic, but when I hear we’re using the same weapons system we used to hunt Osama Bin Laden to arrest someone for not reporting six cows wandered onto their property, I get a little nervous. I adopted a scraggly dog last month I found on my porch. I tried to find the owner, but no one claimed him. I sure hope Animal Control doesn’t call in an air strike to teach me a lesson.