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fire2 A series of coordinated car bombs tore through Washington, D.C. this morning highlighting the increasingly tenuous control of the U.S. regime over even its most fortified territory.

Government spokesman Tim Faris attempted to downplay the scale of the violence in an early morning press conference, but a mortar strike on nearby Reagan National Airport forced him to cut his remarks short.

Saudi Arabia, Iran, North Korea, China and former Soviet Republics have continued providing weapons and expertise to the Free American Army which, according to some sources, now controls over seventy percent of former U.S. territory.

Comprised of a loose coalition of street gangs, neo-Nazi groups, Mexican drug cartels and radical Islamists, the Free American Army has gained strength in recent months, and last month’s capture of the Cheyenne Mountain military complex showcased their increasing military capabilities.

According to reports from an anonymous Israeli government official, the U.S. government has twice been forced to launch unarmed nuclear missiles into the Pacific to prevent them from falling into rebel hands, and NATO forces in American uniforms are hastily dismantling hundreds more.

There was some speculation that the U.S. government would use remaining nuclear or chemical weapons to halt the advance of the Free American Army, but promises from Russia and China to retaliate if WMDs are used has frozen Washington’s hand.

There is also ongoing speculation that U.S. President Hillary Clinton has fled the country. According to multiple reports in the French press, a woman matching Ms. Clinton’s description was recently spotted in the wealthy American diaspora community of Grenoble.

The U.S. government denies these rumors and insists that Ms. Clinton is in a protected U.S. government facility and both Ms. Clinton and remaining loyal members of Congress and the military continue to direct all U.S. affairs.