cocaine-tooth-drop_2328302k The Australian National Health and Medical Research Council just released a new study that found that for the most part,  homeopathic remedies are no more effective than sugar pills, and you shouldn’t waste your time or money on them.

However, the researchers did find that homeopathic treatments seemed to be effective for ADHD, HIV, chronic fatigue, and depression which I guess makes sense since these are all pretend conditions that are just figments of your imagination.

Unwilling to let rational thought and scientific analysis guide their actions, an unlikely alliance of health nuts, middle-aged women and the unscrupulous supplement companies that fleece them have attacked the Australian study and accused its researchers of not using a large enough sample size to draw any true conclusions, but that’s nonsense.

It shouldn’t take a goddamned genius to realize that if any of these stupid homeopathic treatments actually worked, a big pharmaceutical company would have already stepped in, patented the drug and jacked the price up ten fold.