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Jason Caroll Moss claims he was bullied in high school, and as his 20-year reunion rolled around, he decided to let off some steam. On the reunion’s Facebook page, he said he stayed away from graduation because he “would have started the Columbine shootings early.”

He went on to post that he’s still a giant vagina “seeking vengeance” against all those who “bullied and harassed” him at school.

A few of his classmates complained to cops, and Jason was picked up, charged with harassment and spent a night in jail.

Jason, if you had done this 25 years ago, you could have avoided the lifetime you’ve wasted agonizing over being bullied. A few months ago a 12-year-old in Warren, Texas pulled a loaded .25-caliber pistol on another kid in the lunch line. Do you think that kid gets bullied anymore? I doubt it. He’s a little bad-ass, and people know it.

Even if you didn’t have the balls to start waving a gun around at school, why didn’t you just move away from your podunk hometown and reinvent yourself like a normal nerd?

Once you start over in a new town, you can be anything you want. It’s all about crafting a back story. For example, you could have told people you were a former porn star who was kicked out of the industry for having too big of a schlong.

People would have assumed you were lying, but there would have always been a seed of doubt. Maybe, just maybe, you were telling the truth.