The-Man-With-The-Golden-Gun-DI As I start to shop for my 50th firearm, the golden gun if you’re into such things, I can’t help but think what a God Damn great country this used to be.

When Britain tried to charge us fair and appropriate taxes for our defense and maintenance, we told them to shove their little tax stamps up their limey asses and started a ruinously expensive 8-year revolution to really drive the point home.

When Japan refused to surrender like those cowards in Germany at the end of W.W.II, we set off a bomb so large, the physicists who designed it were genuinely afraid it might ignite a fusion reaction in the atmosphere and extinguish all human life.

And when Canada tried to hit us with that bullshit maple syrup embargo in the 70s, we didn’t take it lying down like a bunch of feckless Québécois. We armed Eskimo “freedom fighters” and watched them set the entire western half of Canada ablaze.

And we can thank all past American awesomeness to the rights and freedoms enshrined in the U.S. Constitution.

The framers of the Constitution realized the only thing more dangerous than no government is too much government, and the whole document is basically a limit on what politicians can do.

And in a stroke of divine inspiration that would make a Hebrew prophet proud, they crafted the 2nd Amendment. Twenty-seven glorious words that are the only thing preventing bureaucrats from taking full ownership of your life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.