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God I love the Chinese. They are like a billion little drill instructors, and I for one welcome them as our new masters.

Self-proclaimed parenting expert, and all around awesome dad, Xiao Baiyou, wrote a book originally titled Beat Them Into Peking University where he explained how he would beat his four children any time they violated one of his 1,000+ rules.

He did have at least one limitation. He only beat his kids between the ages of 3 and 12 because he stated that “at that age, kids are mainly animals. Their humanity and social nature still aren’t complete, so you have to use Pavlovian methods to educate them.” Xiao also made every child watch every beating, and if a younger child was punished, the older ones were also hit for being bad role models.

I’ve read a few parenting books, but this is the first guy I’ve seen who really seems to get it.

The only real measure of a system is did it work, and Xiao’s did. Three out of four of his kids made it into China’s top university. I’m guessing all four would have made it if he would have relaxed those age limits and just beat them a little longer.