1632 by Eric Flint is the story of a quiet West Virginia mining town that was thrust back in time to Germany during the Thirty Years’ War by the actions of a mysterious alien civilization. The newly transported West Virginians have to quickly choose sides in the war raging around them, as well as cope with a number of social, political and emotional issues.

God damn I hate this book. The author was a former labor union organizer, and I am fairly certain, a current virgin. In the story, the local chapter of the United Mine Workers is somehow transformed into a crack paramilitary outfit able to out-fight and out-general anyone on the battlefield. The only person greater than this union is the Swedish King, Gustavus Adolphus. With almost homo-erotic devotion, Eric Flint praises Adolphus as not only the perfect king, but the perfect man.

This story is a hodge-podge of Socialist thought, paper-thin characters, and for some reason, rampant religious bigotry. I normally love bigotry, but I hated this book. Unless you have suffered serious head trauma, write sexual fan fiction about Gustavus Adolphus, or love the tragically absurd, I would avoid this piece of crap.

As a final insult, when I set this book on fire in my fire pit, it didn’t even burn well.