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IQ is inherited so Hadley Barrows’ infant son will probably be disqualified from all but the hottest and noisiest jobs. Lucky for him, his Mcfuture is still at least a decade and a half away. For now, he can just play happily in his own feces while his genius mother drags him from one idiotic confrontation to another.

I have to assume she was lost because Ms. Barrows recently went to the Minneapolis Central Library, and while there, she decided to breastfeed her son. The library is a massive five-story building with over 365,000 square feet of space, so you’d think she wouldn’t have any problem finding a nice out-of-the way spot to feed her kid.

Nope, she decided to plop right down on the bench in the library’s four-story entrance and let her little half-wit suck away as hundreds of onlookers filed past. Eventually a security guard saw what was happening and told her to go to a private location. According to Ms. Barrows he said, “You’re not even covered up; you’re just showing everyone: indecent exposure.”

Ms. Barrows may not know how to hide her milk sacks, but she does know that Minnesota law allows women to breastfeed in any location, public or private. And rather than exercising even a minimal amount of common sense, she decided to put that law to the test by doing it in the entrance of one of the country’s largest and most attended libraries.

The library has now apologized for reasonably and correctly asking this dolt to go someplace private to breastfeed, and they’re treating it as a “teachable moment” for their employees. And since masturbation is an equally normal bodily function, if you see some lady topless in a public setting feel free to show your appreciation by sitting down next to her and stroking it. After all, modesty and reason are so passé.