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I went to the gun range today to shoot some old pictures of my dad, and for the second straight time there were more women shooting than men. According to Gallup, 23% of women now own a gun, and nearly 47% more women are shooting today than they were 10 years ago.

I’m surprised women are wising up and embracing guns. Women tend to be more liberal than men, and since liberals hate personal responsibility and prefer to leave their safety in the hands of others, it’s encouraging to see them packing heat.

If your gun range has a ladies’ night, you should check it out. If you’re a sexist like me, it may help revive your faith in women. It’s also strangely erotic to watch a woman shoot, and nothing makes them jiggle quite like a controlled explosion in their hands.

Double entendres aside, all women should own a gun and know how to use it. Tasers and stun guns both rely on batteries, and neither is 100% reliable. Pepper spray and mace are also not recommended. If your attacker has been sprayed as many times as I have, he probably has a tolerance to the stuff.

Television shows and movies often portray women as ass-kicking brutes capable of knocking men out with one punch or subduing them with a well-placed judo chop. That’s nonsense, and we all know it. The average woman is only half as strong as the average man, but guns negate that disadvantage. To paraphrase the old saying, God made us, but Sam Colt made us equal.