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Darnell “Dynasty” Young is a seventeen-year-old with a bright future ahead of him as a probable fashion designer, hairdresser, or maybe even an interior designer. Unfortunately for Darnell, not everyone thinks he’s fabulous, and he claims fellow students at Arsenal Technical High School in Indianapolis have bullied him for months.

Darnell’s mom, Chelisa Grimes, said administrators haven’t done enough to stop the threatening behavior, and she finally had enough. She sent her son to school with a stun gun, and when six bullies surrounded him on April 16th, called him names and threatened to beat him up, he pulled out the stun gun and they fled.

School police officers later arrested Darnell, and the school has not yet decided if he is going to be suspended for bringing a weapon to school, which is nonsense. A stun gun isn’t a Taser. It doesn’t shoot barbs, and you have to press it against someone to shock them. It’s most effective at getting someone off you if you’re being attacked. It’s also convenient because Darnell can keep it in his purse.

I’m a big supporter of bullying because it’s fun to pick on people, and it’s a good way for cool kids to bond and reinforce the school picking order. However, I also believe fully in the rights of everyone, even dweebs, dorks and homos, to protect themselves. I draw the line at bringing guns to school, but pepper spray, stun guns and clubs are all perfectly acceptable, and Darnell was well within his rights to bring any of them to school.