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Good-time girls Alicia Binford and Shelly Lewis might be in their mid-40s, but they’re not going to grow old gracefully. On Monday they were arrested and charged with indecent exposure after allegedly flashing their sweet MILF racks on a southwest Illinois golf course.

The course was closed for a private event, but at least one fat chick concerned citizen called the police because the two women were allegedly “exposing their sexual organs.” The cops later determined they were only lifting up their shirts, but they were still arrested.

Local Sherriff’s Capt. Mike Dixon justified the arrest by saying that children lived in the surrounding neighborhood, and I guess he was afraid the sight of some titties would somehow warp them. I don’t want to shock anyone, but these two women weren’t showing anything these kids haven’t already seen a hundred times on the Internet.

If you don’t believe me, let a younger, male family member use your laptop like I did. My nephew may not be able to delete an Internet history, but he seemed to have no problem finding four different sites that featured pregnant women pissing.

I don’t want to harp here, but indecent exposure ONLY APPLIES TO MEN AND GROSS WOMEN. It doesn’t matter if the women are hard-bodied eighteen-year-olds or still doable cougars, there is nothing indecent about attractive women getting topless. If anything, these two old broads finally found a way to make golf bearable, if only for a few minutes.