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I have no idea who M.I.A. is, but she must be a young hip artist because Madonna had her onstage during the Super Bowl halftime show. You have to remember that Madonna is 53-years-old, and in order to stay relevant and survive publicly, she needs to feed on the souls of each new generation of performers.

At some point during the show, MIA gave the middle finger to the camera and may have said the work fuck. I personally didn’t see or hear it, but I assure you if I did, my monocle would have popped out with surprise.

NBC and the NFL have now offered an apology, and reminiscent of the whole Janet Jackson nipple fiasco, self-appointed watchdogs are demanding the FCC punish NBC for the incident.

How are you going to punish NBC? They’re already the last-placed network. Are you going to force them to create a show and make Dane Cook the star? You remember Dane Cook, right? He’s like a shittier version of Carlos Mencia, and he steals even worse jokes. Well it’s too late anyway because NBC already beat you to the punch and inked a deal with Dane Cook to develop a show for this fall.

Everyone should just leave NBC alone. Whatever punishment you can give them pales in comparison to what they’ll just go ahead and do to themselves.