37a6234c-8dda-4284-92c7-c3dd7db49b57The right to free assembly is not just a civil right, it is the cornerstone of democracy, and once again the militant left has determined their viewpoint is the only one that’s acceptable and has decided to use violence to impose it on others.

And just like a man who blames his wife for making him beat her, the liberal media has blamed Donald Trump for the violent radicals and Hispanic nationalists who have repeatedly, and violently attacked his supporters.

On 5/24, Mr. Trump held a rally in Albuquerque, NM and leftist goons and Hispanic racists attacked police, their horses and even went after a wheelchair bound Trump supporter.

Hillary Clinton and President Obama have predictably blamed Trump, but does that make any sense? If anything it proves that he’s the one telling the truth. Unrestricted immigration presents a fundamental danger to our democracy and if this problem isn’t addressed now, there won’t be an America in 50 years.

I know there is a good chance there will be a civil war this century because I once took a sweet magic mushroom trip through the aftermath of it, and lines of tombstones stretched to the horizon and each one said “known only to God” on it.

But if bad sci-fi movies have taught me anything, it’s that the future isn’t written in stone, and it only takes one great leader to avert catastrophe. We can reform the system now, or we can continue heading towards oblivion.

Personally, I’m fine with either choice. And not to get off topic here, but if you’re one of those silly preppers building bunkers and stockpiling food, stop wasting your energy.

Just buy a good rifle, a lot of ammunition and plan to rob and pillage the anti-gun, wealthy liberal areas near your house. And if you see a car out front with a “coexist” bumper sticker, I will give you my 100% Codajoy guarantee there isn’t anything more dangerous than a kitchen knife in that house, and you can loot it to your little heart’s content.