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Noted screenwriter and little narc, Joe Eszterhas, recently accused Mel Gibson of making anti-Semitic statements, and to bolster his claim, he released a totally unrelated recording of Mel Gibson screaming at him for not finishing a script he was being paid to write.

There was nothing anti-Jewish on the tape, but Eszterhas clearly knows a thing or two about waging a smear campaign. After all, his father not only collaborated with the Nazis back in Hungary, he organized book burnings and even created a fair amount of anti-Semitic propaganda himself.

Facts aside, if Mel Gibson had any credibility left, it’s probably gone. It’s now time for him to accept that if he’s ever going to work again, it will have to be on a vehicle previously reserved for D-listers and fame whores, the reality show.

Every year or so we get a secret recording of unfiltered Mel Gibson, and those tantalizing glimpses of his insane rants, death threats and casual racism really pique my interest. I would love to see more of that, and a reality show with 24/7 access would be the perfect way to truly capture Mel’s particular brand of bat-shit insanity.

I imagine even minor tasks like shaving or walking the dog could result in violent, expletive filled outbursts, and even though I’ve never seen him with any guns, I hope he owns a few. It would be awesome to see him wildly gesturing with a pistol while foaming at the mouth and screaming about how those cock-suckers at the cereal companies took away the good prizes just to piss him off.

God that show would be awesome.