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Nepal is a beautiful country, and it is home to eight of the ten tallest mountains in the world. In addition to its scenic beauty, it’s also the native land of the famous Gurkha warriors.

When the British East India Company went to war with Nepal in 1814, they were so impressed with the Gurkhas’ courage and skill that once war was over, the Company recruited them into its own army. To this day about 3,800 Gurkhas continue to serve with the British, and tens of thousands more serve with India, Singapore and Brunei.

The courage and dogged determination that made Gurkhas famous on the battlefield was also on display on the home-front this week. On Tuesday Mohamed Salmo Miya, a farmer who lives in a small village about 125 miles southeast of the capital of Kathmandu, was working in his rice paddy when he felt a sharp pain in his hand. Looking down he saw he had been bitten by a cobra.

At that point an ordinary man would have run screaming for medical treatment, but Mr. Miya is no ordinary man. He reportedly chased the snake, caught it and bit it to death. He said he could have killed it with a stick, but he used his teeth because he was angry.

According to officials, Mr. Miya is currently receiving treatment at a village health post, and he is expected to make a full recovery.