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June 12th wasn’t a very good day for 63-year-old airboat captain Wallace Weatherholt. He was giving a tour of the Everglades to a family from Indiana, and at some point, he held a fish over the side of the boat to try to lure in a gator. Unfortunately, he was so successful that the gator not only grabbed the fish but bit off his hand.

I’d like to say that the alligator attack drove Mr. Weatherholt insane, and that he had his hand replaced with a prosthetic hook and has spent the last few months obsessively hunting that beast for his missing appendage. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. The alligator was caught and killed by wildlife officers, and Mr. Weatherholt went back to his life.

Not content to simply leave this old man alone after he nearly bled to death in the middle of some godforsaken Florida swamp, he has now been charged with illegally feeding alligators.

I’m not sure if the charge is for the fish or his hand, but in either case, he had to post a $1,000 bond and his next court date is scheduled for August 22nd.

Does this guy really need to be charged with a crime? He did lose a hand after all, and I seriously doubt this is a crime he’s ever going to repeat. I think the simple fear of never being able to hold his grandkids, or wipe his own ass again, will be sufficient to keep all parts of him safely within the boat.