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I don’t mind Alec Baldwin the actor, but Alec Baldwin the person is an insufferable douche. Aside from the recorded message where he berated his eleven-year-old daughter and called her a rude and thoughtless pig, everything he says that isn’t written by someone else irritates me.

Like most people on the far-left or far-right, he’s nuts. He has a warped world-view that everything should conform to his wants and needs, and if it doesn’t, he throws a little temper-tantrum.

Earlier this week, this prick decided to delay a whole plane-load of people because he couldn’t follow the only two goddamn rules you have to obey when a plane is taking off. Stay in your seat and don’t use your phone. By all accounts, a stewardess politely asked him to hang up his phone, and he freaked out, actually stomped his little feet, threw his papers on the floor and locked himself in a bathroom.

For interfering with a flight, I think we should charge him with being a terrorist and send him to Gitmo. I’m sure plenty of the people we’ve detained are there on trumped-up charges, and what’s the big deal with adding one more.

Who knows, maybe a few months locked in a cage will give him some perspective. And if another inmate just so happens to stab him in the shower, well I guess that’s fine too.