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enormous baby A woman in Germany just gave birth to a baby that weighed 13.25 pounds, and the most amazing part was she did it naturally. There was no C-section, and I’m sure her husband was absolutely thrilled about that.

I’m no physician, but I have to assume that poor vagina is permanently and irrevocably destroyed. I hope those doctors were pretty liberal with the post-birth stitching, otherwise, they won’t even need to go to the hospital for any future births. The kid will just fall out when it’s ready.

Just to put this weight into perspective, the average size of a baby gazelle is the same as this kid. Ditto for a fur seal.

Amazingly, even though this kid is the biggest one born in Germany, an even bigger baby was born naturally in England earlier this year.

A little monster by the name of George King was born back in March, and he tipped the scales at a jaw dropping 15 pounds 7 ounces.

And in case you’re wondering, that’s the same birth size as a reindeer or a California sea lion.  He also looks a lot like John Goodman to me, but maybe all fat babies look like John Goodman.  You be the judge.

Baby George and John Goodman