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A good start

Taking a break from their usual routine of coasting through red lights and pedaling two-abreast down clogged city streets, about a thousand London cyclists staged a die-in last Friday to protest the six cyclists who were killed in the capital in November.

In true cyclist fashion they conducted the protest unobtrusively and did their best not to impede traffic or in any other way hinder motorized transport.

I’m just kidding. They completely blocked Blackfriars Road by lying down in the street with their bikes strewn around them. Candles were then handed out so a vigil could be held to remember the brave men and women who died doing what they loved – stupidly riding in traffic on a vehicle that should be reserved for children in parks.

As a motorcycle rider I realize people aren’t conditioned to see two-wheeled vehicles. That’s why I stick to back roads away from populated areas. Plus, people are often distracted while they drive.

I’ve seen everything from women putting on make-up, to guys getting dressed to one lucky fella who was either getting a handy or grimacing in agony as his girlfriend tried frantically to put out a fire that had spontaneously erupted on his crotch.

If you’re in heavy traffic, the last thing you should be riding is a bike. I want to put as many layers of steel between me and my fellow commuters as possible, and I’m willing to sacrifice fuel economy for the peace of mind that only comes with driving a 1990 Crown Vic.

Sure the brick-like shape affects handling, but at nearly 18-feet long and tipping the scales at just under two tons, I could run over a half-dozen cyclists and hardly even feel a bump.